511 Tactical Vests for IDPA

Posted: October 26, 2008 in Equipment, IDPA

Today one of my fellow shooters pointed out that the 511 vest I use has the mag pouches on the left side. Since I’m a righty, this makes it very convenient for me. I use the front pouch for my barney mag, and load all the others to 8 (division capacity for CDP). I’ve found that having routines really helps remove some of the stress during a match.

Anyway, back to the vest, his vest has the pouches on the right side and he mentioned that he never understood why they were placed on that side. I bought mine from LA Police Gear and didn’t really think that there may be sided options.

A tip that was passed on to me today was that the 511 vests have loops inside, which are supposed to snap onto a belt so that your shoulders can be used to help carry the weight of a heavy load. I’m sure this is a great feature for the people who need that, but it’s redundant for IDPA. The story I was told, was that one day during a match the pistol grip managed to sneak its way into the loop, so that when it was time to draw, the gun was all snagged up in his vest. So today there are 2 more 511 vests without a loop on the holster side.

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