The cripple wins at Big Darby Creek

Posted: October 26, 2008 in IDPA

Just over a week ago, I sprained my ankle playing volleyball. I was quite fortunate I didn’t break the 5th metatarsal, which is very common when you roll your foot with all of your bodyweight. I’ve been limping and hobbling around and wondering how it would affect my shooting. I can’t stand still very long, so I had to cut short my dry firing routine.

Eventhough I was not able to sprint between positions, I still managed to shoot pretty well and ended up winning the division and the whole match. While I’m happy with this, I do realize that only 15 people showed up today, perhaps due to the weather forecast, or the OSU game. I had a great time and managed to also help a fellow shooter that’s new to the sport. He was having grip issues, but a quick tutorial at the end of the day got him going on the right track. 

Today was also the first time I switched from my Springfield XD to a Para P14-45. I had changed the sights on the Para to novaks and had the trigger lightened to 4lbs. I had also filed down the followers to make them work in the stock para mags, since para likes to make them oversize so they bind. I knew I wasn’t going for an all out performance due to my ankle, so I thought it was an opportune moment to try out the para. It worked flawlessly and I was very happy with its performance. The mags could still be a little more slick in operation, so perhaps I’ll work on them a little more, or try to find some replacement followers.

One of the stages was a standards, which is similar to stage 3 on the classifier. After previously reading up on strategies to shoot the classifier, I employed them here and they worked beautifully. The stage had 2 targets which required 8 hits on each target. I finished the stage with only 2 points down, so I was really pleased with that. Even more so because I actually knew which shots I dropped.

I tend to crowd cover, so I need to work on that. When my ankle is better, I need to set up some movement drills in the basement.

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