Using a barricade doesn’t work for me

Posted: October 28, 2008 in IDPA
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When I first started IDPA, I saw a couple of people use the barricade as support, so I tried it out. It didn’t go so well because the barricade moved and wobbled around, but since I saw other people doing it, I persisted, thinking that it surely must give you a more stable platform.

Unfortunately it took me a few more matches to figure out that using a barricade in IDPA is a bad idea. The problem is that they’re never stable, or consistenly stable. Each one is different and at each match the stage layout is different meaning that you can’t get into a routinely stable position like in bianchi. Even if you do have a solid/stable barricade you still end up having to shift your grip a little, or then if you’re shooting around the left side, you have to be mindful of the ejection port to make sure the brass can make a clean getaway, otherwise it ricochets and comes to rest on the web of your strong hand.

So all in all, I found it best to avoid using a barricade for support. It enables me to transition quicker, removes stress from a stage and there’s one less thing that can throw me.

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