IDPA Equipment

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Equipment, IDPA
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I first started off with a 5″ Kimber Classic in stainless and a fobus holster. Then I moved to a Springfield XD45 with a comp-tac holster and a leather safariland mag pouch. At the last match I switched from the XD to a Para P14 with an Uncle Mike’s “Law Enforcement” model holster and had a lot of success, so today I just ordered a blade-tech kydex holster and comp-tac mag pouches because the Safariland mag pouch is falling apart. I realized soon after I bought the Uncle Mike’s holster that it was not IDPA legal, but fortunately noone really cared at the last local match. Since I plan on shooting some state matches perhaps next year, I want to make sure I get equipped with an IDPA legal hoslter and mag pouch.

Last night I received a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II, which I tested out. I need to tape the speaker when I’m dry firing so I don’t wake up my sleeping babies. I also need to make it to an outdoor range so I can practice some drills using the timer.

With all this new gear I should be better right? Will it make a difference? I really don’t know how much difference the holster and mag pouches will make. Even if they don’t amount to any time difference, if I think I have the best equipment because it’s what the top shooters use, then perhaps that puts me in a more confident and positive frame of mind, so I will shoot better overall. Well, that’s the theory…

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