Today’s Match

Posted: November 9, 2008 in IDPA

I shot the last IDPA match of the season at the Pickaway County range and although I think I did ok (the scores aren’t out yet), I did feel like I really didn’t do very well in 2 specific areas: grip and reloads. I fumbled a reload where I inserted a new mag, hit the slide release and got a double feed. I did a tap rack drill twice and it seems to clear itself out. If it didn’t, I was about to go through the type 3 failure routine. I think what happened was that the slide locked back when there was still a live round in the chamber. So when I saw I was at slidelock I popped in a new mag causing the double feed.

On one stage for some reason I didn’t get a good grip so when I had to engage 3 targets with 2 shots each, I found myself adjusting my grip after each shot. I quickly corrected it after the first target but it threw me a little.

I guess the third thing I found myself doing (yes I know I just said two) was admiring the front sight picture instead of pulling the trigger. I don’t know why but once I got that kodac moment, I hesitated just a fraction before the little voice inside my head told me I needed to shoot. I wonder if that’s a ghost from dry fire practice, because that’s all I can do, is look at the front sight.

Next match is in two weeks at Big Darby Creek. That’ll be the last match for me this year, unless the group manages to organize some indoor winter matches.

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