Monday night update

Posted: November 11, 2008 in IDPA
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Thanks to people on the Brian Enos forums, I was directed to Pharoh Bender’s range diary thread and Steve Andersons dry fire practice book (I’ll put the link back to his site once his site administrator has fixed their recent issues). I know I have to do better at structuring my dry fire sessions, hopefully this book will be the key. The BE forum appears to attract mainly IPSC/USPSA people, which is fine, but I’m sure some of the par times and dry fire routines will be slightly off. Nevertheless, they’ll still be good to run through.

The scores from the last match are in and it’s quite interesting to see where I screwed up. I knew I had some fumbles and bad accuracy which caused me time. I placed 3rd out of 6 in CDP and 11th/21 by time only.

Interestingly enough my second run was a lot better and if that had actually been my first run I would have won CDP and come in 4th overall. I definitely need to do more dry fire practice so I can be a lot more consistent between runs. The difference between my first and second runs was 24.54s!

Ending on a positive note: I’m happy that my scores are right in the middle of the SS shooters.

  1. randy says:

    Great idea hope it catches on. I’ve shoot about 4 local IDPA matches and really enjoy it.

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