Some Par Times

Posted: November 12, 2008 in IDPA

I played with my timer last night and recorded some baseline par times. I don’t have a proper structured dry fire routine yet (waiting on Steve Anderson’s book), but I recorded a couple:

Hands by my side, draw from a belt holster, two handed grip, align sights and fire = 1.5 seconds.

Gun pointing at target (not at slide lock) two handed grip, reload, point at target, align sights and pull trigger = 2.1s

I wear my comp-tac mag carrier at 8 o’clock and don’t have a magwell on the para, so my reloads are quite inconsistent. So even though I can hit 2.1s when it goes right, it only goes right some of the time. I know my technique needs work, but I’m thinking that using dummy rounds and a magwell will help with the consistency, which was a problem I had in the last match.

I deliberately didn’t do a slidelock reload because I don’t have any snapcaps or dummy rounds yet, so I’m a little hesitant to close the slide on an empty chamber over and over again.

Once I get a reloading press set up, I’m going to make up some dummy rounds with 230gr round nose bullets, so I will be practicing reloads with the right weight and feel. I’ll also be a lot more comfortable doing slidelock reloads.

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