New Blade-tech holster

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Equipment, IDPA

I received the Bobby McGee Pro Series IDPA PAK today and pulled out the holster. It’s a popular holster so I was curious how it compares with the uncle mike’s I’ve been using. First off, it’s IDPA legal, which means I can use it for state matches. It came with a paddle attachment, but I didn’t try that out yet. I don’t know if I will because it felt pretty snug and solid on my 1.5″ leather belt, after I had adjusted the belt guide. I think it must have been factory set for a 1.75″ belt. After fiddling around with it for 5 mins I managed to get the guide reset to fit my 1.5″ belt. The guide fits into molded slots, so you don’t have to worry about setting it too loose or tight, or worry about it moving around.

The first thing that I noticed compared to the Uncle Mike’s was that the gun rode a little lower. This made it feel a little easier on the draw and lets me start rotating the muzzle towards the target earlier in the draw sequence. At my current level, I don’t think that tiny fraction of a second is going to make any difference, but it did feel a little easier somehow.

The pack also comes with a double mag holder, but I’m really happy with the comp-tac pouch, so I didn’t try that out yet. Perhaps if I take up flexmoney’s offer and try a USPSA match I’ll need it, since I’m probably going to need more than 2 mags. In fact, I better check how many mags I actually have in my Midway USA range bag in case I have to order some more.

Update (10/14/08): I took out the mag pouch last night and was about to adjust the belt guide, when I suddenly realized that the pouch is for single stack mags. I called bladetech today and am waiting on a call back to get an RMA number and have it swapped.

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