Drive the gun

Posted: November 15, 2008 in Equipment, IDPA
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I was dry firing again last night, trying to work on my draws to improve on my baseline time of 1.6 seconds to draw, aim and pull the trigger. The timer is starting to make me think more about my technique and where I can gain speed. I realized that once I get a grip, pull up and start rotating the muzzle forwards, I can reduce the time if I really thrust the gun forwards much quicker. But then you also have to be in control of the end point, since you need to control sight alignment ready to break the shot. After hearing some top shooters talking about driving the gun forwards, I think I’m starting to understand the concept much better now. After last night I managed to shave 0.2 seconds off my time, just by driving the gun forwards more aggressively.

I also realized why so many 1911’s have a nice curved beavertail grip safety. With the stubby A1 style, it’s easy to get the web of your hand over the grip safety instead of having it slide underneath in a nice high grip. Without adjusting my grip so that the web is repositioned underneath, the hammer could bite me after the first shot. I’d also have a horrible grip and my followup shot would be much more inconsistent. I guess I know what’s on my Christmas list now.

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