Have a positive attitude and improve your score

Posted: November 26, 2008 in IDPA

I used to look at swingers and think “wow that’s hard, how am I supposed to hit that when it’s moving so quickly? I’ll try and see if I can at least get on the paper somewhere”.

I also used to think about shooting on the move like this: “I know where the targets will be, but I know I need to get to the next position, so I hopefully I won’t miss them before I get to the next position”

That all changed after a class with Scott Warren. He really managed to change my attitude and turn my psyche around to thinking positively. By changing my attitude I found that I was able to visualize stages better, be more confident, aggressive, accurate, focussed and able to move through stages quicker.

There’s one phrase that sticks in my mind and just sums it up perfectly. I recite it before every match as part of my prematch routine:

It’s strong hand, support hand, because there’s nothing weak about what I do

Just changing my mental attitude has done wonders for my scores. I know that just this one nugget that I learned on those two cold days at the range has improved my shooting tremendously.

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