Tuesday update

Posted: January 7, 2009 in IDPA
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I started Steve Anderson’s drills tonight. I knew I didn’t have time to complete the first 14 drills, but I wanted to at least get some dry firing done, since it’s been so long.

I only managed to do the first 4 drills and practice some reloads using some azoom snap caps. The snap caps did seem to make it easier, but I still need a mag well to help guide from the backstrap in.

I also need to do some research to make sure I can simulate the distances by using 1/2 size targets. I haven’t yet managed to work it out, but next time I’m on a range I’ll start making note of target measurements at various distances.

The other thing I noticed is that I need to either toughen up my thumb, wear a bandaid, or smooth the surface of the thumb safety since it’s grinding the skin on my thumb away.

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