My 45 ACP load data

Posted: February 1, 2009 in IDPA
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Disclaimer: This is for information only and not intended to be used as a guide. Always refer to manufacturers’ reloading manuals for actual reloading data and follow their instructions. I won’t be held responsible for anything if you try this load.

230gr round nose Montana Gold CMJ
4.2gr of Clays
CCI large pistol primers
Mixed brass
COAL 1.260

This is a very soft shooting load compared to the Titegroup load I was previously using:

My previous load was:
230gr round nose Montana Gold CMJ
4.6gr of Titegroup
Federal large pistol primers
Mixed brass
COAL 1.260

While I don’t have a chrono, judging by reports from others that use this very similar combination, this should result in approx 170 PF.

While CDP in IDPA only requires 165 PF, I don’t really want to create loads that are so close to the PF limit that I’m going to create stress while running through the chrono stage at a major match. I’d much rather just stick to a load I know works in all conditions and temperature ranges.

With either of these loads I use a 12lb Wolff recoil spring and a Wilson shock buff. The stock 16lb spring is just too heavy and if you’re not careful you’ll end up with stove pipes, which are even more prone to happening when shooting from unfamiliar positions (crouching or lying down), or shooting support hand only.

  1. Eric says:

    I assume you mean their 230gr FMJ, as I do not see the CMJ listed on there site.
    I presently shoot their 9mm 115gr JHP w/Power Pistol. Unfortunately I cannot enter into matches with my gun as it is a Taurus 24/7 longslide(not allowed).
    I recently picked up a Taurus PT1911 .45 and am considering entering matches on the local scene with it. I am curious as to the accuracy of your load, as I find that in my 9mm the MG bullets tend to vary in specs quite dramatically. Do you find this to be true with the bullets you are using? Or am I worrying to much about it?

  2. idpashooting says:

    Hi Eric

    I noticed that the other day, I wonder if they’re not making these anymore. I liked them because they reduced the lead exposure when handling. I have 3 kids, so I try to be conscious about handling lead.

    The loads I used weren’t terribly accurate in my XD, but they worked well in the P14. I remember off a bench, I can shoot 1 ragged hole with a 10 shot group at 10 yards. I don’t have the target to post the picture. Perhaps next time I’ll keep the target and post it.

    When I received my first batch of CMJs a couple of years ago, I weighed a batch and they all seemed to be pretty close. I don’t remember the variation, but since I don’t remember or have it written down anywhere, I’m sure that it was minimal.

    Have you tried adjusting the OAL or powder charge?

  3. Eric says:

    Just grabbed a handful(28) and mic’d them…..
    length: .5500-.5535
    Dia: .3545 @ bearing surface .3540 @ base
    Weight: 115.11gr — 115.65
    Guess that isn’t too bad for bulk bullets. Guess I really should not complain.
    Here is the load I worked up(20rds per .1gr 4.9-6.2) with them using Power Pistol:
    OAL= 1.075
    Powder= 5.9gr
    Brass= Win.
    Primer= CCI sm. pistol
    This a near max SAMMI load. No signs of pressure, Snappy recoil, Slight muzzle flash. Had 2 stovepipes(100rds) I attribute to limp wristing while shooting supported. Have not adjusted OAL yet, as I have been told by many shooters that OAL in a s/a pistol makes no real difference.
    @15yds= 1.75-supported 2.3-unsupported.
    Good enough for self defence, but could use improvement. Trips to the range are too few due to distance I must travel to get there. Thinking about trying some 700-X I have on hand.

  4. idpashooting says:

    Hi Eric

    I seem to recall RN bullets being loaded to 1.1″ or 1.125″ OAL. The Brian Enos forums has a section specifically for loading the 9mm, which you may want to check out:

    Good luck with the load, I’m sure you can get it more accurate than that with a little work.

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