Top 10 Most Popular IDPA Guns

Posted: February 21, 2009 in IDPA
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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while since I found it really interesting reading the IDPA magazine with the 2008 Nationals equipment survey. So without further ado, here are the most popular IDPA guns used at the 2008 Nationals.

Rank Gun Make/Model Caliber Competitors
1st Glock 34 9mm 52
2nd Glock 17 9mm 32
3rd Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm 24
4th Smith & Wesson 625 45ACP 11
5th= Springfield XD 9mm 8
5th= Glock 35 40S&W 8
6th Smith & Wesson M&P 45ACP 7
7th= Smith & Wesson 686 .357 Mag 6
7th= STI Eagle 5.0 9mm 6
8th= Sig Sauer P226 9mm 5
8th= Springfield 1911 9mm 5
9th= Smith & Wesson 66 .357 Mag 4
9th= Kimber Custom II 45ACP 4
10th= Beretta 92G Elite II 9mm 3
10th= Caspian 1911 45ACP 3
10th= Glock 21 45ACP 3
10th= Glock 22 40S&W 3
10th= Kimber Stainless Target II 45ACP 3
10th= Rock River 1911 45ACP 3
10th= Smith & Wesson M&P 40 S&W 3
10th= Springfield XD 40 S&W 3
10th= STI 2011 9mm 3
10th= Wilson Combat CQB 45ACP 3

As you can see Glocks were the dominant manufacturer, but the other manufacturers were fairly evenly spread. Below is a chart of the top 10 manufacturers, regardless of model used.

Rank Manufacturer Competitors
1st Glock 102
2nd Smith & Wesson 68
3rd Springfield 30
4th Kimber 23
5th STI 18
6th Sig Sauer 12
7th Wilson Combat 10
8th Colt 7
9th Beretta 5
10th= Caspian 4
10th= Rock River 4
  1. Steve says:

    Thank you very much for this post–I’ve been looking for this info for a few weeks now.

    I recently saw a video of some top IDPA shooters and was surprised to see that M&P was the 2nd most popular behind Glock. I was even more surprised to see that not a single top shooter at that match used a Springfield XD.

    Is there something about the M&P that makes it so popular? And is there something about the XD that makes it a distant third place?

    • idpashooting says:

      Hi Steve

      I think one of the reasons top shooters may not use it is because of some parts availability. Sure we can get a few replacement parts like springs, guide rods and barrels, but so far I haven’t seen extractors for sale anywhere. Top shooters run more ammo through their guns in a month than most people do in a year. That means that they get to see parts fail and have to get them replaced. I’m not knocking the XD specifically, every type of gun has something fail eventually, but it’s a tougher choice when there’s a limited parts supply.

      At local matches I see XDs all the time. They’re not shot by any superstars, but these are guns that they compete with and carry. Top shooters don’t usually carry what they compete with, so comparing a top shooter in a match, to your own situation is not really a fair comparison.

      Shoot both guns if you can and see which one feels better for you.

  2. […] the m&p be a better choice (more pros use the m&p for idpa than do XD's according to this Top 10 Most Popular IDPA Guns IDPA Shooting Blog) while this doesn't necessarily mean the gun is better, it helps convice me considering the price […]

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks, good points.

    I have an XD 40 Tactical, and it seems like XDs are pretty popular, so I was just surprised to see that XDs weren’t better represented, but as you point out, I guess it is a different story at the local level where people use what they have / carry vs. pros that have highly tuned competition guns.

  4. i want to ask, why is it the single stock 45 has a magazine well ang boomar sights, how about the high capacity 45? can also put boomar sights and magazine well for idpa?

    • idpashooting says:

      Hi Saul

      You can put a magwell and bomar sights on single or double stack 45s, as long as they still fit the IDPA box. Most competitors prefer to use a magwell as it does help guide the mag lips during a fast reload. Bomar rear sights are quite often paired with a fiber optic front sight, using either green or red fiber.

      I have a Para Ordnance P14, which is a double stack 45. I put a Smith and Alexander magwell on it and found out after I’d installed it that it was too wide, so I had to grind the sides down a little.

      • Raymond says:

        I also do not see a lot of XD’s in our IDPA group compared to Glocks and M&P. I guess people doesn’t want a weapon made in Croatia? Also If Glock and M&P cost similar to XD’s why not Glock or M&P. Glock’s reliability is legendary. The closest thing to a glock is M&P. Also Glock missed on the changeable grip for a long time and M&P manage to sneak in to Glocks market.

  5. Dude says:

    1) Springfield XD =ESP thats why its not more popular. Has little to do with the Croatian thing.

    2) M+P while decent has made inroads with a different grip angle to Glock–more 1911 like; also an “American” company and alot of the Chevy vs Toyota stuff going on. The “american” company in essence copied the toyota and started to sell–gee it too a while for them to learn. Smith sponsors a Team so that will speak to at least a few of those shooters. The trigger is acceptable.

    3) While the US was still worshiping at the school of JMB in the 80’s Glock got most things right–enough said.

    Its sad HK and Walther cant even make it on the board. Walther is hapless with marketing (or even caring about the civilian US market) and HK is too heavy a trigger and too high a bore axis. BTW I like the Walther/HK position of the mag rel.

  6. Bryce says:

    Thanks for the post. I came across this while trying to decide what my first gun purchase will be. Since I’m only going to have 1 for now and want it to be useful as a carry as well as IDPA, I’m still trying to decide between the Sig p226 e2 version and the Glock 17.

  7. Mike says:

    Is their a difference in accuracy and maintenance between glock 34 and MP 9mm?

  8. Doug Smith says:

    I was just wondering in the IDPA shooting Rules can I shoot a Glock 34 and have a Mag well put on the gun as well? thanks

  9. Steven Bons says:

    Excuse my ignorance but can it be the Glock and M&P are more popular then the 1911s simply because of the double stack magazine? I don’t compete and I don’t know the rules, but I know the 1911 trigger is pretty hard to beat.
    I had to put 2000 rounds through my G19 before I got use to the trigger and it’s an on going trial every time I take a break for a month.

  10. Ricky says:

    I have shot the XDm 9mm, My M&P pro series 9mm and my SA 1911 all in IDPA shoots. Above all shooting CDP with my 1911 is by far my favorite. I loved my XDm as my carry pistol for a while but found i did not like it much for IDPA. Replacement parts are a lot harder to find for the XDs and XDms and just not that accurate. My M&P i shoot is an ESP pistol due to the upgrades and magwell that i have in the pistol. It is very accurate and a very fast shooting pistol. I have put thousands of rounds though my M&P and parts have failed. Thanks to websiites like SSS i was able to get new parts in no time. Now the 1911 is like buying a bone stock camaro. Its great right off the lot but you decide to make it faster the possibilitys are endless. My 1911s are loaded with WC and DP parts making it my favorite pistols to shoot in IDPA and overall. I shoot faster, more accurate and above all more consistent with my 1911s. With the DP magwells i run on my 1911s my reloads are just as fast as my double stack reloads. It all boils down to how easy it is to upgrade you pistol, replace broken parts and just how the individual shoots with the pistol he brings. IDPA is not a money race. I have a few grand in my main IDPA 1911 and have seen guys bring a bone stock RIA 1911 and blow my doors off. Thats why i love IDPA. Shoot what you love and have fun doing it.

  11. Doug Smith says:

    Hi all
    No matter what gun you use in the IDPA, you need to be conferable with the gun you will be carrying. some time it not the gun it the person and all have good info but remember have fun with the gun you use for sport and to protect your self.

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