Ignore the little things

Posted: March 19, 2009 in IDPA

I’ve been studying With Winning In Mind, by Lanny Bassham and a lot of things are clicking in my head. His book is all about developing a mental management system in order to train and perform better. With his framework on how the mind works, I am starting to make big strides in my attitude and my mental game.

For example, I now classify a whole bunch of other things that other people may worry about as “little things” and I tell myself that they don’t matter, they’re insignificant and cannot affect my performance. Examples of little things are:

  1. weather
  2. shooting first on a stage
  3. experiencing a stoppage or some sort of malfunction
  4. fumbled reloads
  5. procedural errors
  6. other shooters’ comments
  7. lower than expected scores
  8. not watching the front sight/calling the shot
  9. stage design
  10. the performance of other shooters in my squad

None of these things matter because once they’re done, they’re done, you can’t change them and you can make it up, so the only thing you can do is forget about them and continue shooting at your peak performance.

At the end of the stage I will think about all the great things that I did, how fast I moved, seeing the sights, smooth and efficient reloads, etc. Bringing the stage to a close on a positive note is important for me and helps set me up for the next stage.

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