Moving from CDP to ESP

Posted: April 20, 2009 in IDPA

So the Para P14 that I’m enjoying shooting is a real pig, especially with the arched S&A mag guide. It weighs in at a hair over 43oz (with empty mag), so unless I want to get really creative with the dremel, which I’ve been advised not to, I’m not going to get this thing down to the 41oz CDP limit. So instead I’m going to switch to ESP which allows 10+1 and minimum 125PF. Although right now all my ammo is loaded to about 170PF, I think I’m going to try a small batch at about 135PF and see how it shoots. I may end up needing to go down to a 10lb recoil spring from my current 12lb (so I’ve read).

I think it’d be a lot of fun shooting a 45 in ESP when pretty much everyone that I shoot with locally is using a 9mm.

Of course shooting a 130PF 45 is the expensive route to go, but I’m sure that with a little practice I can sharpen up my skills so that it won’t really make much difference at all. I’m sure I can gain a lot of time by being more efficient in my movements, transitions and reloads.

Circleville is holding a classifier in May and I’m going to shoot the para in ESP and see what happens.

My ultimate goal is to make master, which for CDP would mean a score of 91.76 or less, but for ESP it’s 89.41 or less. Considering that the classifier consists of 80 shots, the difference between CDP and ESP is 2.35 seconds. I think that’s doable over the coarse of 80 shots, since the difference is 0.03 per shot.

Realistically I’m aiming for expert classification, which the rulebook says is between 108.57 to 89.42 (for ESP). Considering how I’ve been shooting lately I really think that’s achievable next month.

If I do make expert, then with some hard dry firing and some more fitness/strength training, I should be able to make Master by the end of this season!

Just for reference, here’s a video of Ben Stoeger shooting the classifier with his Beretta, he makes it look so easy!

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