IDPA vs USPSA Range Commands

Posted: June 27, 2009 in IDPA

In IDPA the officials running the stage are Safety Officers (SOs), while in USPSA they’re labelled Range Officers (ROs). Both sports also have their subtle differences in range commands. The following table shows a comparison of range commands taken from the 2005 IDPA and 2008 USPSA rulebooks, which are the most current at this time.

Load and make ready Make ready
Shooter ready? Are you ready?
Standby Standby
*Audible signal* *Audible or visual signal*
Finger Finger
Muzzle Muzzle
Stop Stop
Unload and show clear If you are finished unload and show clear
Slide forward (or “cylinder closed” for a revolver)
Hammer down
If clear, hammer down and holster
Range is safe Range is clear

The shaded commands are optionally issued during the course of fire depending on whether the shooter earns them.

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