Today’s match

Posted: July 25, 2009 in IDPA
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There were four stages which were a good mix. Two were what I’d call regular courses of fire with a mix of targets and some movement. One required 16 headshots from behind a barricade and the fourth stage was a standards based stage, a mix between the idpa classifier and an el prez.

There were no reshoots offered today because we wanted to get done before the nasty weather came down upon us, but as it turned out, a nice downpour arrived before the end of the match.

Overall I think I shot well, although one of the poppers needed an extra hit to get it falling, but other than that my head was together and I had a good attitude. It’s funny how the stage which required 16 headshots messed with some people. I think they were already defeated before they walked up to the line. I heard all kinds of comments like “I hate headshots”, “I’m not going to do well on this stage”, etc.

When I heard people saying those things I’d try to lighten the atmosphere and try to change their attitude. If you walk up to a stage thinking that you’re going to do badly, you probably will. Before I walked up to the line I ran through the stage in my mind several times seeing the sights line up, lift and come back down in the middle of the head.

All that was needed on this stage was a little extra care and attention to the sights and a nice smooth trigger press. Time is not a factor but accuracy really is because every missed head shot costs you 2.5seconds. So instead of trying to race to get a fast raw time, I just took my time and made sure of my hits.

That ended up being a nice warm up for the el prez/classifier type stage which had 3 targets requiring 5 head shots and 4 body shots. It was run in three strings at 3, 5 and 10 yards with each string requiring the shooter to start facing uprange.

Even though the scores aren’t yet posted, I think I did pretty well. I certainly felt like I shot well and didn’t have any reload fumbles or any silly mistakes. The only thing I hadn’t planned on was needing extra shots on the popper. That put my reload in a different place, but apart from the extra time needed for the extra shot, I don’t think it actually cost me much time at all, perhaps 1/2 second.

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