IDPA Dry Fire Videos

Posted: August 4, 2009 in IDPA

I bought a new Canon FS20 flash memory cam corder and thought I’d try recording myself to see how it turned out. So here are a few videos of me doing some basic dry fire drills:

Reload with Retention

Tactical Reload

You can see I’m not wearing a cover garment for this video, but I may post the same drills later on using my vest to compare.

  1. Majormarine says:

    Doing the same thing but with cover garments as I have a match this Saturday in the Hot Florida sun. Will also be SOing which means 4 hours in the hot sun. Only 50 shooters expected to shoot 8 stages in the piney flatwoods with no sea breeze. Had slight heat exhaustion last match to the point I could not grab the steering wheel on truck. Need more than 12 SO’s this time of year.

    Love shooting IDPA
    GPS Auto Tracker

    • idpashooting says:

      You were probably also dehydrated, which creeps up on you really fast during a match. It takes your body about 5 hours to rehydrate, so you have to stay on top of your hydration. I always take a bottle of water with me and will drink religiously between every stage. As soon as I get to the next bay I take a drink. After I’ve shot a stage I return to my range bag, top off mags, get myself together, think of all the good things I just did a take another gulp of water.

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