Sharpshooter in ESP

Posted: August 24, 2009 in IDPA

I ran the classifier twice last weekend. The first run was terrible. My hits were all over the place and by stage 3 I had a ridiculous amount of points down. When I went forward to score the targets and all my hits were along the right side of the targets. I had several misses and a lot of shots scored -3. I couldn’t believe I had done so badly. I still scraped sharpshooter, I think I was perhaps 3 seconds into it from marksman. Certainly not what I had hoped for.

At the end of the day after I’d run everyone else through there were just a couple of SOs left. I decided to put up a target and put 2 sighters on there from 10yds to see what I was doing wrong. Both shots were about 2″ apart about 8″ right of center. I looked at my gun and found the rear sight was way off to the right. It has a grub screw in the rear sight and I guess it had worked its way loose and kept drifting over under recoil.

I got it centered back up and ran through the classifier again. I missed 3 headshots on stage 1 (something you should never do), but the load I was using was impacting a little lower than usual. I decided to continue despite this and ended up at the top end of SS, just 4.5s off getting Expert. I would have gotten EX had I not dropped the headshots. Final scores were:

Stage Score Raw Time Points down
1 37.11 27.61 19
2 28.53 22.53 12
3 47.42 38.42 18
Total 113.06 88.56 49

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