2 Weeks To Go

Posted: September 4, 2009 in IDPA

Only two weeks to go until the OH state match, so I’m going to be doing dry fire practice and working out on the elliptical machine every day. This is the final push before my first major match.

Although it’s my first major match, I’m going to treat it as just another match. Every match is important and I need to perform at 100%.

I will run through my pre COF routine as I usually do. I’ll do the same things I usually do, like:

  • Having my mcdonalds coffee in the car ride to the match.
  • Taking my bottled water and protein snack bars and taking sips and small bites after each stage.
  • Putting myself in a good mood prior to and right after a stage.
  • I will always focus on what I did really well and forget about any misses, dropped shots or other errors.
  • I will enjoy the shooting challenges presented in the way of hard shots, or shooting positions.
  • I won’t let the little things bother me, such as weather, score, shooting order, etc

This weekend I’m going to file down the Smith and Alexander magwell so that it will fit in the IDPA box, check the tension on my mag pouches, load my match ammo and hit the range to sight in my new load. So by next week my equipment will be perfect and ready for the match.

  1. Lee says:

    Number three and four are the hardest for me. At the 2009 NC State match of ten stages, borking the second stage set a tough tone for the rest of the day that was hard to shake. It was my first majo match.

    I tried to follow Bruce Gray’s recommendation on mindset.


    On that note; yes, keep your focus, focus, focus and good luck to you. You’ll do more than well!

    I ended up placing second in SSP/MM and if I had the mental fortitude, I may have gotten a win.

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