2009 OH State Match Report

Posted: September 20, 2009 in IDPA

I had a great match today at Ashland Lake Gun Club. Big thanks to Tony Lavelle, John Moson, the SOs, match staff and everyone else who helped make it a wonderful day.

I got up at 5am, had a coffee, got my things together and left around 5.30am. I’d packed most of my stuff the night before so I could take my time getting ready. The club is only 1.5hrs drive from my house and at that time of morning I made good time.

After registration and the shooter’s meeting I joined the rest of my squad on stage 1. I had a small snafu on this first stage where midway during the string, the mag fell out of the gun, it was a box start stage, so I either pressed the mag release while grabbing it, or I somehow touched the mag release during recoil.

I could have finished that stage feeling down and perhaps in a time before reading Lanny Bassham’s book, I would have resigned myself to a thought along the lines of “what a way to start off, I guess that’s the way this match is going to be”. But I didn’t do that. I thought about how I had positioned my feet well so I could pivot and that my shots were good. I purposely did not think about that incident again and instead chose to fill my mind with thoughts on how I was going to break down the next stage and how well I was going to do.

I got to the chrono stage and handed the SO my gun. He ran it through the chrono and shook his head. I couldn’t quite understand what he said at first, but then he said “that’s not going to make it, do you want me to shoot another 3?”. He shot another 3 and started tapping away on the calculator. Each time he said I was coming up really short. I had downloaded my ammo but I was fairly certain that I had measured the charge so that I would at least make the 125k ESP powerfactor. Of course since I handed him a 1911 he assumed I was shooting in CDP and so he was looking at a chart of velocities for 165k PF. After recalculating it a couple more times, the verdict was given and the ammo *just* passed: 125,167 PF. Wow that was close! I think the cooler morning temperatures must have affected the velocities. I may have to look into changing powder, because I don’t think clays is not consistent enough at this powerfactor.

Stage 10 was standards with 3 targets. String 1 was 6 shots support hand only at 7 yards. String 2 was 6 shots strong hand only (from draw) at 10 yards. String 3 was 6 shots freestyle at 20 yards. Since the last time I’d shot was beginning of August, I went to the local range Friday and shot 200 rounds, quite a few of which were support and strong hand only type drills. When I got to this stage I knew I was going to do well because I had just practiced something similar the day before.

I shot the rest of the match really well with no major errors. There were little things here and there which I could have done a little smoother, or slightly differently, but I was really happy with my performance overall.

ESP SS First Place
At the end of the day I finished first in ESP SS with a time (including points and PEs) of 171s. Since I beat more than 10 in my classification (and the EX guys) I got bumped up to Expert. I was 3rd overall in ESP and 10th for the entire match. I could not have been happier with my result. ESP division champion was Morgan Allen with a time of 138.29. Match results are posted here: 2009 OH State Match Results.

There were a lot of stages with targets that had to be engaged in tactical sequence, which sometimes caught a few people off guard. Surprisingly I think there was only one partial target and one swinger in all 12 stages. We did have a nice prop stage where the shooter had to stab the first target with a bayonet before moving on, and yes the stab was a scoring hit.

Chef Larry Wenger did a great job with the food. We were also fortunate to have some SO instructors shooting with us, as well as Area Coordinator Joe Buchanan and IDPA Vice President John Sayle.

It was great to see a lot of the central OH crowd, many of whom also did well and received awards.

  1. Eric Daniels says:

    Hey sir! Wanted to congratulate you on your win and glad that you could stay on your feet! Keep it up!! Be sure to come and join us in Wilmington during the Winter months.

  2. Lee says:

    Congrats! That really great.

  3. idpashooting says:

    Thanks guys.

    @eric: I almost lost my footing again, on stage 12(?) on the 300yd range. I set off towards the stair shaped barricade and had both feet sliding to a halt. Mr Santini took some video, but he’s heading off to nationals, so it’ll be maybe next week or so before I’ll be able to post it on YT. It was good to catch up with you again. I’ll have to try and make it down to Wilmington one of these days.

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