I turned around and something had changed

Posted: November 27, 2011 in IDPA

You know, sometimes life gets complicated really quickly. Just when I wanted to get going again a couple of things changed and I wasn’t able to shoot as much as I’d hoped. I was distracted with taking on additional work on the side, a new side gig in photography, my dog developing cancer, then various family events popped up and one of the local ranges closing meant that I missed most of the locally sanctioned matches.

Naturally this has caused me to take a huge step backwards in my abilities. With the current political and economic climate, I think it’s time I renewed my basic gun handling skills and got back out onto the range. I know that my skills will have declined, so my times and placement will suffer. That’s ok, I will take the next couple of matches slowly and get back up to speed in my own time.

One of my coworkers is a shooter, so I have asked him to twist my arm to get me back out to the local range. A couple of other coworkers have also expressed interest in trying out IDPA. They don’t have any gear at all and have never shot a gun of any type. Before they go to an IDPA match I will have to take them to a local range a few times to make sure they have a grasp on the basics of gun operation and handling.

I’ve cleared out the man cave and loaded up some ammo. I’ve also been to a local indoor range and started giving a different coworker some basic shooting tips.

I will be posting here a lot more frequently as things settle down and I’m able to get back out to the range more often.

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