I’m a novice at the sport of IDPA and am journaling my experiences as I train, learn and compete in IDPA matches.

I grew up in England, where this sport does not exist due to the strict gun laws. While I’m trying to avoid the political issues here, I can’t help but really like living here in the US, where I can shoot IDPA and protect my family.

As a teenager in England I took up 10m air rifle (.177 caliber), where my coach (Irene Daw) happened to win Silver at the LA Olympics in 1984. She taught me the strict discipline, mental control and the fundamentals of shooting.

In my first few IDPA matches I was borrowing a kimber in CDP from my in laws but migrated to a Springfield XD 45 about 2 years ago. I recently acquired a Para P14-45 and am considering switching to that, since it’s more accurate, has a better trigger and absorbs the recoil a little better.

Earlier this year I attended an IDPA class with Scott Warren, which was totally inspiring. It was after this 2 day class that I decided I really should take up this sport seriously.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to drop me an email: pittbug at gmail dot com

  1. Jerry Lee says:

    We’re trying to start a new website focused on competition shooting. I was wondering if you’d like to be a part of it? Major focus will be on the various handgun diciplines (IDPA, IPSC, etc) but every shooting sport is welcomed. We’re trying to keep it minimal BS, serious discussions about improvement of shooting skills.

    Please join us at the forums. We also list the blogs for the members who are regular posters.

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