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45 ACP Bullets

Posted: December 29, 2011 in IDPA
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.45 ACP 230gr Jacketed Hollow Point Zero Bullets

For the past three of years I’ve been using Montana Gold Bullets, switching between their CMJ and JHP flavors in 185gr and 230gr. I’ve heard good things about Zero Bullets, so I decided to give them a try. I came across them on Christmas Eve while browsing the website by chance. They had the zero bullets in stock so I decided to buy them. After placing the order I got the usual automated order confirmation email, then on Christmas Day, another email saying that they’ve been shipped! Huh!?!?

I actually feel a bit guilty for placing the order on Christmas Eve. I expected them to take a few days off during the holiday and was expecting the order to be processed some time after that, but no, they got right on it and shipped them out. Had I known that these guys work during the holidays I would have waited to place my order. I think everyone deserves some time away from work relaxing, hanging out with family and friends, traveling out of town or whatever your heart desires. While I appreciate the speedy response, the order was for a box of bullets, not one for a box of critical medical supplies.

The people at obviously work hard. I really appreciate their effort to ship my bullets quickly and will definitely buy from them again. They definitely exceeded my expectations, which is always a great thing to do.

Montana Gold Bullet 185gr JHP vs Zero Bullet 230gr JHP

Now it’s time for me to get some of these zero bullets loaded up and see what I can do with them. You can see from the image that I was previously shooting 185 grain JHP from Montana Gold Bullet, so I’m going to have to adjust my load recipe again, but that’s not a bad thing. My Dillon XL 650 needs some lubrication and recalibration anyway, so it would be a good time to get some maintenance work done to it while I’m switching loads.

My new 45acp load for ESP

Posted: June 8, 2009 in IDPA
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My wife just messaged me to let me know that my next case of Montana Gold bullets have arrived. Poor postman knocked on the door to make sure someone was home before carrying them up the driveway. Not that I have a long drive way, but the case weighs about 65lbs, so I understand.

Since I’ve switched to ESP, where the minimum power factor is 125,000, I shall be trying out a new load to take my ammo from around 170PF down to about 130PF. I’ll be using 230gr FMJ on top of 3.5gr of Clays, keeping the OAL at 1.260.

I just need to wait until my 10lb wolff spring arrives to test them out, but they should be super soft shooting.

I also have a couple hundred 180gr moly coated bullets from Billy Bullets which I wanted to try out, but I want to load up the 230s first to save me fiddling with the press twice. I have all my brass prepped, so it shouldn’t take long to crank them out after I test a batch.

With the softer recoil spring I’m a little concerned that any friction in “the system” could start to create some return to battery failures. I’d recently smoothed out the breach face and ramp, but I think I’ll also go over the bottom of the slide where it contacts the disconnecter. As well as the recoil spring, I’m also waiting on a 17lb hammer spring which should help with this.

Once I have it all together it’s going to be fun learning how the gun feels in this setup. I’d like to try running through Matt Burkett’s timing drills, as I’ve never done them before.

I ordered the press from Brian Enos, along with a number of accessories, including the spare parts kit, electronic scales, digital calipers, aluminum roller handle, strong mount, case feeder and bullet tray.

When I unpacked the press, I was pleasantly surprised to find the primer feed mechanism already attached. The only thing I had to do was to mount it, attach the bullet tray, case feeder, roller handle, insert and adjust the Dillon dies.

Set up was a breeze and I got it all done in about 1.5 hours. The only thing I don’t have yet is the scales, so I couldn’t calibrate the powder bar. Calibration only takes about 5 to 10 minutes and I can be ready to reload.

I bought some Clays powder today because Vances had sold out of Titegroup. They also didn’t have any large pistol primers. I can’t find primers anywhere… this could be a bit of a problem!

I did manage to load up 30 dummy rounds, which I will be using during dry fire. These are rounds created with no powder or primer and will be kept in my practice room, away from live ammo.

It’s important to practice reloads with mags that are as close to the real weight as possible because the balance and feel is quite different.

My 45 ACP load data

Posted: February 1, 2009 in IDPA
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Disclaimer: This is for information only and not intended to be used as a guide. Always refer to manufacturers’ reloading manuals for actual reloading data and follow their instructions. I won’t be held responsible for anything if you try this load.

230gr round nose Montana Gold CMJ
4.2gr of Clays
CCI large pistol primers
Mixed brass
COAL 1.260

This is a very soft shooting load compared to the Titegroup load I was previously using:

My previous load was:
230gr round nose Montana Gold CMJ
4.6gr of Titegroup
Federal large pistol primers
Mixed brass
COAL 1.260

While I don’t have a chrono, judging by reports from others that use this very similar combination, this should result in approx 170 PF.

While CDP in IDPA only requires 165 PF, I don’t really want to create loads that are so close to the PF limit that I’m going to create stress while running through the chrono stage at a major match. I’d much rather just stick to a load I know works in all conditions and temperature ranges.

With either of these loads I use a 12lb Wolff recoil spring and a Wilson shock buff. The stock 16lb spring is just too heavy and if you’re not careful you’ll end up with stove pipes, which are even more prone to happening when shooting from unfamiliar positions (crouching or lying down), or shooting support hand only.

Getting into reloading

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Equipment, IDPA

I used to use my father-in-law’s Dillon XL650, but I no longer have access to it, so I’ve decided to get my own press and reloading setup. I’m piecing it together bit by bit and started off with the CV-2001 tumbler and large media separator. It has a maximum capacity of 1300 45ACP cases, although the brass that I tumbled was a mix of mostly 45ACP with some 40S&W, 9mm and 223. I tumbled them in Lyman walnut media for 90 minutes, then to get them polished I’ll run them for another hour in fine corncob. I need to head to pick up some corn cob from the local pet store (or Andersons) this week during lunch.

After that they usually come out polished, slick and ready to run through the press. I never used to use any polish or lube, but I’ve read that it can help when running them through the press. Maybe one day I’ll try a batch and see what difference it makes.

Once I clear out some space in the unfinished part of my basement, I’ll set up a bench and start getting ready for the press. I’ve already decided to go with the Dillon XL650 again because I’m very familiar with its set up, operation and what’s needed for caliber changes.

I bought the tumbler and media separator from the Brian Enos store.