Top Shooters

Here’s a list of top shooters from USPSA, IDPA, ICORE, Bianchi and other practical shooting sports. Some are well known, some others perhaps not as much. Some of their websites are personal journals like this, while others are ecommerce stores selling competition shooting gear and accessories.

I think all of the shooters below are either record holders or major match winners and you will probably find some video footage of all of them on youtube.

If you know of other shooters who should be listed, please send in a comment at the bottom of the page. Here are the top shooters listed in alphabetical order, by last name.

I have started to reach out to these shooters for a brief and light hearted interview. Any that have responded will have an interview link next to their name.

Jessie Abbatte

Steve Anderson

Jerry Barnhart

Matt Burkett

Donnie Burton

Dan Burwell (interview)

Taran Butler

Jake DiVita

Brian Enos (interview)

Julie Goloski

Eric Grauffel

Angus Hobdell

Todd Jarrett

Saul Kirsch

Doug Koenig

Rob Leatham

Bob Londrigan

Max Michel

Jerry Miculek

Matt Mink

BJ Norris

David Olhasso

Dave Sevigny

Ben Stoeger (interview)

Phil Strader

Bob Vogel (interview)

Mike Voigt

Henning Wallgren

Scott Warren (interview)

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