Ben Stoeger Interview

Home State: WI


1. How long have you been shooting competitively?
About 4 years


2. What’s your favorite gun?
My Nerf Magstrike.


3. Do you prefer paper or steel?


4. What is your best/proudest achievement to date?
Learning as much as I have as fast as I have makes me proud.


5. What are you most looking forward to?
Seeing how far I can go in shooting. Seeing how good I can really get.


6. What part of shooting are you working on right now?
The noisy part.


7. Do you do the bullet flip on unload and show clear?
Just about every time. It gets the chicks.


8. If you had the power to change only one rule, what would it be and why?
I would get rid of steel calibration. If it is hit and doesn’t fall… you get credit for the hit. We check power factor at the chronograph… no need to screw people over any place else.


9. Finish this phrase: “Action pistol shooting can…”
Change your life


10. Name five things you can’t live without
Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Ammo, The Internet


Who would you like to thank/mention?
Black Bullets International has been helping me with ammo. is sending me gear.
My Mom hangs out with me at national.
Thanks to all of them!


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