Bob Vogel Interview

Home State: OH


1. How long have you been shooting competitively?
8 years, with the last 3 or 4 being more serious.


2. What’s your favorite gun?
Lately its been my Glock 24 L10 gun, I am enjoying shooting Major.


3. Do you prefer paper or steel?
I have to lean toward paper, I think I’m a little better at it.


4. What is your best/proudest achievement to date?
Winning the USPSA Production Nationals. More specifically my comeback performance on the final day, I was in the zone.


5. What are you most looking forward to?
Just enjoying the ride and seeing how long it lasts.


6. What part of shooting are you working on right now?
A little bit of everything, just trying to stay solid and keep an open mind. I don’t shoot as much as some guys, but I haven’t taken more than a week off since I started 8 years ago.


7. Do you do the bullet flip on unload and show clear?
No, but I do grab the bullet on the way out with my weak hand. I kept getting yelled at for it this year at the IDPA Indoor Nats.


8. If you had the power to change only one rule, what would it be and why?
Definitely the steel calibration thing. If you hit it, it should count. I have seen this skew results in a National level match more than once.


9. Finish this phrase: “Action pistol shooting can…”
Make you a better, more confident person. Nearly everything else in my life seems easy (and less stressful) when I compare it to this.


10. Name five things you can’t live without
Freedom, Adventure, Shooting, Family, Respect.


Who would you like to thank/mention? (family/sponsors/coaches/etc)
My mom and dad for encouraging me and allowing me early on to chase my dreams; my wife Stacey for EVERYTHING, she has been a big part; and GOD, because I am a believer.


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