Dan Burwell Interview

Home State: PA
Website: http://www.burwellgunsmithing.com


1. How long have you been shooting competitively?
I have been shooting club matches for about 7yrs just for fun, never really realized there was anything else out there until 3 yrs ago when I shot my first sanctioned match.


2. What’s your favorite gun?


3. Do you prefer paper or steel?
Honestly makes no difference they are all just targets.


4. What is your best/proudest achievement to date?
My Daughters, but I am guessing you wanted shooting achievement. Actually that may have been today, at the Independence match. Maybe it is just fresh in my mind but it was my cleanest performance yet, I still have some work to do but it was a good one.


5. What are you most looking forward to?
Shooting both USPSA and IDPA nationals this year with only a week between them, it is going to be fun getting ready.


6. What part of shooting are you working on right now?
This may sound funny but I am working on speeding up, I spent the early part of the season working on accuracy and have found myself shooting too many A’s, so I that is it; going faster.


7. Do you do the bullet flip on unload and show clear?
I used to, but stopped. Too many ROs get bent about it, and I would rather have them on my side.


8. If you had the power to change only one rule, what would it be and why?
Easy, IDPA’s round dumping rule. There is no way an SO can know if a shooter dumped a round on purpose vs. fired a shot they thought they needed.


9. Finish this phrase: “Action pistol shooting can…”
be fun. I mean seriously, we need to remember to have some fun out there most of us got hooked on practical shooting because it is fun, but sometime we loose sight of how much fun this sport can really be.


10. Name five things you can’t live without
1. My wife
2. My wife
3. My wife
4. Primers
5. My wife. (what? no she isn’t reading this over my shoulder.)


Who would you like to thank/mention? (family/sponsors/coaches/etc)
My wife, without her I would be at home watching my kids on the weekends instead of being on the range.

Also like to thank every shooter I have ever been squaded with, since it is very likely I learned something from watching you.

And we can never forget to thank all the RO/SOs out there if they don’t work I don’t get to play.


  1. Nagle Paul says:

    Dan Burwell has come along way in the past 3 years . Dan has worked very hard over the years and is willing to help anyone with shooting or working on the M&P pistols . This is what makes shooting the best sport out there . The pro’s are so willing to help everyone . Great job Dan!!! Happy to see you making your goals . Not to mention does mean trigger job on the M&P .

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